Smart Switchable Glass

Smart glass itself is a glass of safety because it's laminated, and it can control the transparency of the glass, which bring more space of creativity and space to maintain the consistency and beauty.

Due to the characteristics of liquid crystal film can also as a projector screen use, instead of the ordinary curtain, in the glass show high-definition images.

Smart Glass in the middle of the light adjustment film and film can be more than 90% of the shielding infrared and more than 99% of ultraviolet, infrared ray sheilding can reduce heat radiation and transmission of UV shielding, can protect not only the onterior furnishings from radiation and transmission of UV shielding, can protect nor only the interior furnishings from radiation and aging, degradation, etc., but also conduscive to personnel protection from ultraviolet rays and avoid the skin diseases and other symptoms.

Product Features


Power through transparent, power off light transparent


The adoption of the process of laminated glass avoid glass pieces splash cuts

Power saving

Save the electric lighting

Environmental characteristics

Optical glass shielding more than 98% of UV light

Sound insulation

Effectively block the noise reached 38 decibels

Energy saving

Thermal insulation performance reached more than 2 grade

Super Glass Super Technology

Laser Display Technology

  • Big size screen brings you amazing vision.
  • Different size (100,120,150 inch) for different request.
  • The best looking distance is 3-4 meter.
  • You can enjoy the somatosensory games and movies.
  • Transfer 2D-3D easily for movies.
  • You will also attempt transparent screen for different experience.