Protection Shield Film

In Malaysia. everybody should have the experience of getting into a car which has been parked under the sun even for a short period time – the build-up of the heat can be suffocating and unbearable.

Glass will make architectural beautiful. However. they can also pose a serious danger severe weather or other violent threats.

In order to address these problem, Protection Shield Film can help you keep those dangers and problem outside windows.

Protection Shield films are applicable on glass window in both the automotive and architectural market. The film Films help hold the glass together to maintain the integrity of automotive and architectural market. This also helps to keep flying glass from harming inhabitants and, in many circumstances, to keep out wind and rain.

Protection Shield films help us to deter crime. Because the window film improves the integrity of the window, the criminal is slowed down to such a degree that they may choose to move on to an easier target.

The film extends lifespan of interior furnishings.