1)Position: Marketing Executive 市场執行员

 Working Place: Taman damasara ailff (Jalan tampoi) 新山丹杯

Gender: Female 24-45 years old 女性24-45岁

Requirements: 条件

•••••Responsible, Ability to work independently, Good communication skills有责任感、能独立工作、良好溝通能力。

•••••Own Transport, No experience needed, got expenrience as well 须自備气车、有无經验皆可、有市场經验优先。

•••••Able to communicate in Mandarin, Bahasa Melayu & English 学歷不拘、能以华、马、英勾通。

•••••Provide training 提供在職培训

Salary: Basic Salary, Allowance, Incentive 底薪+佣金+津贴

Working Day : 5.5 Days 五天半制

2) Position:Indoor Sales 门市執行员

Working Place: 工作地点:Taman Damansara Aliff )

Gender: Female 18-45 years old 女性18-45岁

Requirements: 条件

•••••Familiarity in Word and Excel 略懂WORD&EXCEL 优先

•••••Provide Training 提供在職培训

•••••Responsiblity, 有责任感、能独立工作、良好溝通能力。

•••••Working Day: 6 Days 9am - 7pm 六天制、九点至七点。

Interesting any position as above, please kindly call us 016-772 3008 to arrange the interview. 以上职位有兴趣者請来电预约面試 016-772 3008